Committed to a lower carbon future

Joining the Cleaner Energy Revolution

We are committed to a lower carbon future & believe in harnessing hydrogen’s potential
as a clean transport fuel. To this effect, Town & Country has recently completed two Hydrogen Projects – Hydrogen Refuelling Station at Port Kembla and Hydrogen Unload Bay in Qenos Sydney – see these projects below.

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Hydrogen Port Kembla Project

Hydrogen Refuelling Station at Port Kembla

We recently carried out the installation of a Hydrogen Refuelling Station at Port Kembla and in the process developed best practice in house techniques including electrical, hydraulic, and civil works thus ensuring this quality turnkey operation was delivered safely and on time from the ground up.   

The Port Kembla refuelling station is one of the first of its kind in Australia and is testimony to the skill and ability we were able to develop, along with best practice safety at all times, to ensure this project was carried out from the ground up, to full working capacity on time and as cost effective as possible to the customer. The Hydrogen Refuelling Station can supply daily up to 400kg of fuel cell grade hydrogen@350 bar pressure for commercial vehicles. It is a key enabler of a range of zero emissions trials for heavy and commercial vehicle fleets at the Port Kembla site.

Hydrogen Unload Bay Project

Hydrogen Unload Bay In Qenos Sydney

We also completed the installation of a Hydrogen Unload Bay in Qenos Sydney, whereby we were able to harness our vast knowledge of the industry to carry out the complex installation. We are both proud and excited as to what lies ahead for the Hydrogen Revolution and pledge to bring our skills and knowledge to support this upcoming renewable fuel from both Installation to Service & Maintenance, as it evolves as a key player of our industry as an energy efficient fuel solution.

images are from the folder – Hydrogen Fill Point Facility